A 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform

Vault, powered by Microsoft Azure, provides a robust, cloud enabled solution to maximise the value of building information and create the foundations for smarter performing assets via IoT technologies.

Vault is a simple-to-use platform deployed as a digital twin of your built assets. No matter what industry you are in, Vault’s core spatial intelligence features and customisable applications will connect the whole supply chain together.

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3D Spatial Intelligence Platform Diagram
Multiple streams of built data is integrated on ONE spatial platform

Why Vault?

Vault solves the headache of siloed, inaccessible built information.

For many built or infrastructure assets the digital information attached to the asset is fragmented, stored in different places, or worse, is not digitised at all. Collaboration and communication is difficult.

With Vault, multiple streams of built data is integrated on ONE spatial platform to deliver live, usable insights.

Together with IoT technologies, in this smart form built assets can communicate, simulate, alert, learn and forecast.

All industries can harness this power to design, construct and operate any built asset with powerful digital insights to save time and money.

ONE source of digital truth
with many benefits

End-to-End Visibility


A single unified platform digitises the entire lifecycle from design and construction to ongoing management and operation. Real-time asset information from multiple sources, including IoT, can be aggregated to provide full performance visibility into every aspect.

Central Shareability


Vault enables better collaboration, communication and information flows between multiple stakeholders via a single, central connected spatial information hub. Manual workflows once managed in a silo can be brought into the digital realm for optimal performance.

Spatial Interactivity


Utilise multiple views to unlock real time data insights quickly within a 3D spatial frame. Explore built asset plans and models three dimensionally with ease. Digitise manual processes and documentation, and manage and interrogate it spatially for optimal intelligence.

Easy Accessibility


Intuitive design and integrated dashboard views allow users to see complex files without technical skills or specialist software. Valuable built asset information, once stored in a drawer, can now be accessible in one place to your key stakeholders to interact with daily.

Vault + IoT (Internet of Things) = Smart Solutions for Connected Industries