Your Smart Hospital

Imagine being able to walk through your virtual 3D hospital. Peel back walls to reveal pipes or foundations. Explore plant rooms. Fly through wards.

See hospital ‘built information’ modelled and represented spatially with crisp graphics. Locate spaces, medical equipment and even smoke detectors, digitally.

Add IoT, (Internet of Things) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the mix and you can monitor people, environments (temperature, noise, air quality) and medical equipment to take control of operational information like never before.

This is the future of connected care - and it’s accessible now with Vault.

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Connected Healthcare - Vault 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform

Connected Healthcare

Our Vault 3D Spatial Intelligence platform harnesses IoT connectivity to create a digital twin of a hospital (a spatial model).


  • Provides live insights
  • Connects all stakeholders to ONE digital source of data certainty
  • Provides a platform for next generation intelligent technologies
  • Reduces operational expenses
  • References site data captured.

ADHB – A Connected Hospital

At Auckland Hospital, asBuilt has conducted one of the largest digitisation capture projects in the country.

We surveyed existing buildings using mobile cameras, drones and 3D laser scanners to create an accurate 3D model of each and every part of the entire hospital, from wards to medical equipment, to plant rooms and tunnels.


Auckland District Healthboard


NZ's largest hospital


Capture, Model, Communicate, Advise.



Siloed management of physical environments, plans and blueprints means Hospitals lose sight of assets and resource management becomes difficult and costly.


A digital twin of Auckland Hospital. Physical assets are accurately modelled and managed on one unified spatial intelligence platform.


  • Improved physical resource management capability
  • Healthcare supply chain can access ONE digital source of truth
  • Platform for IoT and connected healthcare in place
  • Asset visibility and greater operational efficiency.


Healthcare providers need to maximise stretched resources and channel scarce funds into frontline care. asBuilt’s digital services are providing a platform for:

  1. More efficient modelling and management of physical assets – making it easy for hospitals to see and store property information in the cloud and make resources go further
  2. Futuristic solutions in healthcare that can transform the way our hospitals are built and operated.


asBuilt’s work at Auckland Hospital combines smart technology to digitise the hospital and create a spatial foundation that not only aligns stakeholders through design, construction and maintenance tasks, but also provides a digital footprint of all the hospital’s physical assets, capturing data from intelligent IoT devices and hosting it on a secure and accessible Azure cloud platform.

This enables the hospital’s managers to understand exactly what resources are available and how to optimise the way spaces are used, while saving precious budget for frontline healthcare.

Drone Capture of a hospital

A Smarter Future – Today

Smart technology can monitor how spaces are being used and simulate different scenarios to optimise care. In future this will enable better budget allocation; such as the creation of room schedules or workflow simulations, reducing downtime and making more effective use of each space.

Harnessing 3D Spatial Intelligence this way will ultimately lead to better patient care and outcomes. Our mission is to free healthcare providers from administrative tasks pertaining to their built assets and empower them with smart technologies that enable them to do their best work.


  • Medical equipment can be digitally tagged for better maintenance and depreciation scheduling
  • Digital storage of warranties or guarantees – spatially
  • Alerts can be sent to notify of expiring warranties or maintenance requirements
  • A complete virtual hospital ‘walk through’ for induction or training purposes
  • Maintenance workers could do digital inspections for costing accuracy
  • On the digital twin platform hospitals could utilise next generation technologies such as autonomous robots.

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Connected Healthcare


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