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Imagine being able fly through your virtual 3D stadium. Peel back stadium seating to reveal foundations or pipes underneath. From the bleachers to the bars every physical element is clickable, countable and delivers live insights.

See stadium built information modelled and represented spatially with crisp graphics. Add IoT, (Internet of Things) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the mix and you can monitor crowds, environments (temperature, noise, air quality) and even EFTPOS spending.

This is the future of the connected stadium - and it’s accessible now with Vault.

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Connected Stadium - Vault 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform

Connected Stadium

Our Vault 3D Spatial Intelligence
platform harnesses IoT
connectivity to create a digital
twin of a stadium (a spatial


  • Provides live insights
  • Connects all stakeholders to ONE digital source of data certainty and truth
  • Provides a platform for next generation intelligent technologies
  • Reduces operational expenses
  • References stadium data captured


The MCG – Game-changing technology

Digitising an iconic stadium for a smarter future

The illustrious Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCC) is a 181 year old non-profit organisation. It’s 100,024 person capacity is utilised by a mix of AFL fans, cricket enthusiasts and concert goers, who contribute to an MCG economy worth around $1 billion a year. This includes spending in it’s 300 plus snack outlets, bars, restaurant and corporate suites. asBuilt have been working with MCG facilities management to model and create a smart Connected Stadium.

MCG Stadium on Vault
Vault Dashboards for Stadium


MCG Board


Digitising a 100,000+ person plus stadium


Connected Stadium Solution


The MCG have many sources of data reporting capability, but historically each has existed separately. Their digitisation journey is driven by a desire to connect data to present ONE overarching real-time picture, with aggregated data at heart.


A single source of truth. A digitised replica MCG stadium and resulting ‘smart’ asset for live insights on people, environments and spend information.


  • A Digital Twin of the MCG
  • Optimised utilisation of CCTV feeds to track crowd movement
  • Ability to map EFTPOS spend data – live across the stadium
  • Live environmental monitoring via IoT sensors


The MCG are working with asBuilt to take the power of IoT driven data insight spatial. This connected approach will enable the MCG to link IoT data sources that have historically been siloed into ONE powerful ecosystem and a single source of three dimensional truth.




In the Connected Stadium solution the MCG are working towards, physical infrastructure is captured digitally to deploy a digital twin (BIM). The resulting 3D spatial data model then becomes a platform for IoT connectivity.

The MCG combines intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) devices; Microsoft Azure cloud and Power BI technology; drone and 3D camera imaging; and geolocation. A ‘digital twin’ is hosted in asBuilt’s Vault platform and is accessible to Facilities Management and all other stakeholder groups. Machine learning is used to count people and measure environmental parameters (light, sound, CO2, temperature, particles). Even EFTPOS spend can be mapped and reported, in real-time in the spatial model.



Game-changing technology

asBuilt’s Connected Stadium solution enables stadium operators to create better fan experiences, optimise operations and monitor the stadium environment in real time. Live insights on patrons, economic information and environmental monitoring are available on the Vault.


  • Spatially view gate movements, crowd density and velocity to better understand patronage patterns and optimise their security and safety


  • See powerful visualisations of EFTPOS spending mapped geographically and in real-time
  • Understand operational expenditure spatially for greater insights
  • Connect all stakeholders to the ONE digital ecosystem for increased operational efficiencies over time


  • Manage assets and environments with live visibility
  • Connect environmental monitoring technologies like C02 sensors, humidity and electricity consumption to a spatial model

The future of a Connected Stadium

As IoT connectivity becomes more sophisticated, the potential ways and means to improve customer experience before, during and post event is mind boggling.

  • Use real time EFTPOS spend to alert patrons to deals at food/beverage outlets
  • Optimise disaster management and recovery including first responder plans and conduct simulations on a digital twin
  • Drive optimal customer experiences such as reduced wait times and queuing
  • Dispatch food/beverage orders using autonomous robots or drones
  • Reroute fans to undersubscribed parking spots for optimal flow
  • Use IoT and AI to simulate the ultimate, safest evacuation procedures for variable scenarios
  • Use consumption data to present sales and ticket offers for smarter marketing

The first step to a smart stadium starts with asBuilt and digitisation...


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