Vault Features

ONE Digital Ecosystem to Unify, Model and Manage your Digital Assets

Vault, our 3D spatial intelligence platform ingests, analyses and organises BIM data spatially

From Point Cloud storage to model viewing and sophisticated applications like our Quantity Surveyor, all data is available in one secure cloud location. Vault delivers a unified platform and end-to-end solution to enable teams to shift from silo to flow in one powerful ecosystem.

The following features deliver the Vault benefits of End-to-End Visibility, Central Shareability, Spatial Interactivity and Easy Accessibility.

    Vault allows you to store, access and manage all of your point cloud data in one Cloud hosted location. Point clouds are geo referenced within your survey control network (as established) and link into the model family.

    All 360 degree imagery is spatially and time managed for optimised organisation and access. Links to the base model provide contextualised reference.

    Reference all your project photos (2D and 360 imagery), in high resolution, linked back to the base model. 360 Photos captured onsite can be placed on our survey referenced floorplans in the Vault. This gives a true spatial location to every photo.


    Explore 360 Photogrammetry layers or point clouds in one central location.

    Utilise Vault’s simple upload and management functionality for all aerial footage and fly-throughs.


    Vault’s intuitive model viewer uses standard controls for ease-of-use.

    Enables all stakeholders to view technical and digital models, without additional software or specialist technical skills. Quick reference to all digital models in your library.


    Visualise key spatial and built asset data on powerful, information rich dashboards and get live actionable insights. Vault incorporates Power BI, to give users quick access to the meta data and key project source information, in one location.


    Need to find the number of rooms or doors in your 10 story, 140,000m2 complex? Or the number of beds in your hospital?

    This specialist model functionality allows you to interrogate object information across all model families. Rich, three dimensional displays make it easy to navigate complex data.


    Place all your project files in one place. Give your staff and contractors access to large digital assets through our Vault asset and project-based authentication framework. Vault version controls your files and uses a check-out/check-in system for your BIM manager to manage transmittals and changes to your Vault content, thereby maintaining data integrity.

Vault Information


Built on Microsoft Azure and compliant with world standards, Vault incorporates MS security protocols, two factor authentication and single sign-on capabilities.

Mobile Tablet

Tablet responsive – view and manage the Vault onsite, anywhere, anytime on a tablet device.

IoT / AI / ML Integration

Vault utilises the following Azure Services to deliver a range of Connected Solutions including a solution for Connected Construction.

  • Microsoft IoT Hub is used to ingest feeds coming from cameras and sensors
  • Microsoft Stream Analytics processes data from sensors and cameras in real time
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services add smart capabilities to enable contextual interactions

Construction Pay Claim and Certification Integration

Wanting to streamline and manage your payments program and work certification process? PayLab will streamline the process and integrate with Vault for worker induction process and timesheet management.